Elementary School - Playpen School – Playpen Center
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Playpen school follows the Cambridge Curriculum from the Elementary Level and right up to the Senior Levels (Ordinary and Advanced).

The Curriculum in Elementary Level aims to develop a child’s moral, mental and physical capabilities. The curriculum focuses on basic learning tools in order to help to develop the students’ competencies. To achieve these objectives, our elementary education stresses the development of functional English as the basic tool for further learning.

Our Early Years’ Curriculum, which is implemented in Play Group and Nursery levels, centers on developing young children’s communicative and social skills. It emphasizes cognitive growth and the practice of logical thinking.

Play Group is the place where the child learns the importance of his/her own name. We help the child to develop his/her self-esteem. The skills and knowledge the child develops in Play Group have a great impact on the aptitude and the attitude of our child later on in life.

KG-I & KG-II play an important role in a child’s life, as it helps him/her to grow emotionally, physically, and mentally. Our Teachers at Playpen are well trained to help the child with his/her school work and any other issues he/she may face. It is a fun place to be where your child learns through interesting activities.

In the early years of learning, we focus on developing fine motor skills in students by practicing various activities. Teachers are always accompanying the students and helping them to develop social skills as well. They are always given the utmost priority to make them feel safe and confident inside the school premises.

In the first two years, students take part in activity-based learning. They learn to work as a group. They are taught to be disciplined and punctual. Along with social skills, students acquire intense knowledge as well.