Junior School - Playpen School – Playpen Center
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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”.

At Playpen, the Junior Curriculum is structured in a way that students are never put under any pressure. Rather, they are encouraged to learn at their own pace, while also developing good behavior, interpersonal communication skills, and social etiquette.

A strong foundation in English from the Primary Level is important for the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and skills in other subjects, such as Mathematics, Science, and Bangla, among others. The lessons acquired in the Primary Level equip the students with the necessary skills needed in the next stages of learning.

In terms of Mathematics, our Curriculum focuses heavily on fundamental and logical concepts. They are exposed to addition & subtraction at a very early stage, and our Teachers use a variety of visual aids to enhance their learning experience. Our students are generally enthusiastic about mathematics.

As far as Bangla is concerned, our Teachers make learning interesting and enjoyable. Students are encouraged to read, write and recite from the beginning, thus making them better communicators and patriots.

The school applies a range of assessment tools to evaluate the performance of the students and provide Progress Reports to the Parents in each of two Semesters.