Middle School - Playpen School – Playpen Center
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Playpen prides itself in putting students’ educational needs on the forefront through innovative teaching techniques and strategies.

Students from Class IV to VII delve into studying their Core Subjects through dynamic learning where they pick up concepts and ideas from their texts and classroom discussions. They also connect to technology to advance their skills and knowledge thereby extending that learning through hands-on experience. Learning is engrained better when students are fully engaged.

Our highly qualified Teachers design their Curriculum around Students encouraging them to develop individual learning styles as education constantly evolves. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and motivated to approach their Academics with utmost zest.

Our Medium of instruction is English and we encourage Students at Playpen to nurture, have love, and respect for our nation Bangladesh – and most importantly our sweet Mother Tongue Bangla – to be fully aware of our rich cultural heritage and our secular community.

Our Faculty Members organize their Lessons creatively to ensure that students pick up an array of lifelong skills that can help them to adapt to the ever-evolving environment. We believe in problem-solving through collaboration and developing leadership skills by fostering independent critical thinking. Playpen fosters positive learning by motivating all students to tap into their imagination and to remain ever curious.